Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why did you choose the names Pipe Dudes?

A: To be honest we just realized that we’re ourself, dudes. So, why not? It was more of a self-realization thing. Kinda like what those guys at Dudeism figured out, man.

Q: What is with the obsession of The Big Lebowski?

A: First off, thanks for you concern. Considering “we’re a Lebowski company with a Pipe problem”, this shouldn’t even really be a question. For us to do our job properly and be good men and thorough, this is more of a non-negotiable for us to even exist.

But to answer your question directly we think the movie is swell and worth being excessive with. I mean for god sakes, man, it was inducted into the National Film Registry which recognizes films that are “culturally, historically, or aesthetically” significant. Take that, Nihilists.

Q: Where do you get your glass from?

A: A variety of sources abroad and in the USA. We make every effort we can to source from the fine folks that make awesome stuff right here the US of A but also, economics. Please do let us know your preferences though, we’d love to learn more about that. Also, rent’s due on the 10th, thanks dude.

Q: How do you select your products?

A: Oooo that’s a tricky one! How does one select their favorite herb, beer, wine or other favorite artisanal product? And, well, I know we’re talking physical non-edible objects here (although we won’t treat objects like women as Mr. Treehorn would). So, really its just sort of an instinct thing. Once you’ve seen enough pieces, stuff just...kind of comes together, man.


Q: What's your Shipping Policy?

Most US based orders are shipped directly from our warehouse within 24-48 hours of your most appreciated patronage. Far out.


Q: What's your replacement Policy?

We want to keep things super dude. So, if the Nihilists happen to intercept your package and your piece gets damaged (i.e. our/postal carriers fault), we will replace it. We just ask you send us a picture of the carnage. Luckily, this is a rare occurrence as we keep our Little Lebowski Urban Packing Elves, well trained and housebroken.

If you want an exchange, we ask you to cover shipping for the product being sent back and we'll issue you a store credit for the equal value of the previous product you paid for.


Q: What's your Return Policy?

If you changed your mind (really, dude?), we'll issue you a shipping label and you can send us the product back. (Like we said, want to keep things super-dude) We'd also love to know the reason for the return so we can be sure to tell Donny and the rest of the team to stay in their element.