Let there be Dude (About Us)

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Introducing... The Pipe Dudes, movie poster

Hello, we’re a Lebowski company with a Pipe problem. What’s that? (You might be wondering) Don’t worry, you’re about to find out.

Dude 1 meets Dude 2

One day two dudes, Dude 1 and 2, met in College. They did usual Dude things during that time as most college Dudes would do like drink, brew beer, and other Dude-like things.

One of the Dudes realized that there was a whole world of Pipe commerce that was untapped. Especially because of Nihilists like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Ebay who seem to have it out for the bums (and don’t allow “tobacco” product sales)

I mean seriously, Thanks for preserving the family environment on social media guys. We appreciate it.

Why We Created Pipe Dudes

So Dude 1 became a Pipe proprietor through various channels and also developed quite a nose for procurement of cool unique and American made glass.

Concurrently, Dude 2 had moved West to Los Anglays and had been working in the business development and marketing realm and was looking for something new especially after his experiences with a certain Chinamen who seems to think pissing on rugs is ok.

Dude 1 was like, "dude, you need to get in on these pipes" and Dude 2 was like "ok, dude, sounds cool...What if we called it Pipe Dudes?" A quick j, White Russian and a domain purchase later and that was the genesis for Pipe Dudes.

But so, what? You’re a Lebowski, I’m a Lebowski. Who really cares right?

Well we do, dammit. Care about the bums not losing, the Dude getting his rug replaced and most importantly bringing you all the most awesome and unique glass purchase experience, this side of the Mississippi.


Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

Thanks for supporting the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

Where’s our manners (sorry, those damned Nihilists got us bent out of shape). Thank you Dudes (the gender-neutral Dude for all you SJWs lol) and we really appreciate your support and consumption of all the Dudeage infused language you can handle.

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