How to Clean Your Pipe For Free

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Hey everyone!

I wanted to bring you some critical pipe care insights we have gathered from the field.

How to Clean Your Pipe For Free

Step #1: Get Hot (or ideally Boiling) water. Pour that liquid through the piece or place under the faucet until the junk stops coming out.

Step #2: Take a sheet of paper towel and roll it up into a tight "snake" shape. Then, roll the snake in a twisting fashion into the holes. Try to get as far in as possible.

Step #3: Use a paperclip to work around the inside of the piece for extra scrubbing.

Step #4: Pull out the snake, rip off dirtied part and repeat process as many times as you'd like. If its really stuck in there you can try adding some soap in the piece and rinse thoroughly.

Step #5At the end do a final shake of the piece with paper towel inside it to soak up the moisture. 


Final thoughts:

  • The sooner after a clean you give it a rinse the less you'll need the "stronger stuff" to reach those hard nooks and crannys.
  • We don't prefer using Isopropyl alcohol or other caustic substances like acetone as they are toxic and can weaken the glass. (Fn nihilists)
  • There's no need to overspend on cleaning products as diligent regular cleaning (even with just hot water) will keep you in great shape duder.
  • If you need something stronger we recommend buying an biodegradable cleaning product (save the earth, man).


Happy Sesh-ing Dudes!

Pipes Up,

Pipey, Chief Pipes Officer

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