Meet Pipey, our new Chief Pipes Officer (CPO)

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We're proud to introduce Pipey McPiperson, a new member of the crew and Chief Pipes Officer (CPO) who will also be handling our public facing communications.

He's a huge fan of the Big Lebowski and actually told us that so are some of our favorite (imaginary?) characters like Towlie, Mr Hankee, and even the Rare Pepe Frog meme. (Among many others that are too many to list)

He will be sharing some stories with us from the imaginary character realm where he gets super baked with Towlie and other meme friends on the regular.

Anywho, here are some common questions we've received about Pipey:


Question: Where is Pipey from, is he Scottish?

Answer: Pipey McPiperson does have a very Scottish sounding name but to be frank he's not of this world, man.


Question: What does Pipey like to do for fun?

Answer: Pipey is actually extremely intellectual and scholarly but he hides it well. This could include anything from reading classic literature or history to watching Grandma's Boy after The Big Lebowski. Pipey is also extremely social and enjoys hosting super crazy Dab sessions with Towlie and the Rare Pepe frog. We heard Roger Rabbit was around once too...


Question: What the hell is a Chief Pipes Officer (CPO)?

Answer: It's an Officer of the Pipes, man. Pipey being of the pipe fabric knows that domain well, dude. We try not to overly objectify Pipey being a pipe, have a little respect, man. He took Donny passing a bit hard to be honest, so I think he's just glad to have an executive role somewhere that appreciates his efforts while he processes all that.


Question: How can I get in touch with Pipey?

Answer: We did set Pipey up with a separate account and email at info (at) pipedudes (dot) com. He loves receiving fan mail so definitely feel free to reach out with any questions or other zany thoughts you think he might enjoy.

Thanks for reading and once again, welcome to Pipey!

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