Lebowskifest 2019: The Ultimate (and Classic) Stoner Movie and Holiday Converge (Also, Costume Contest footage, dude)

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The Big Lebowski Artistic Poster

The Big Lebowski in 2014 was recognized by the National Film Registry and Library of Congress and culturally, historically and aesthetically significant.

This is a practice done every year where they select 25 titles that are 10 years old or more to go on this special and recognized registry. Far out man.

The Dude and crew really does live on not only in our hearts and minds but also thanks to a dedicated community and cool as events.

The Big Lebowski Communities on Facebook Screenshot

More on Lebowskifest, which we recently attended, in a sec.

What is Lebowskifest?

 Lebowskifest Crowd lined up for 2019 event on 4/20 at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley, CA

Well as stated on their website: "Lebowksi Fest is not affiliated with the creators of The Big Lebowski. We are just, on a personal level, really enormous fans."

Basically its an annual gathering of complete and utter Duders, Duderinos and all form of thorough ass individuals who know their White Russians and proper nomanclature. (For the uninitiated, super fans of the movie The Big Lebowski)

Despite it's popularity in Los ANGles, the fest itself originated in Louisville (lou-a-ville) Kentucky. I actually had quite a bit of Bourbon, Whiskey and White Russians there myself.

Bowling alley at Lebowskifest LA 2019

It was quite enjoyable.

Here's some video from the Costume Contest: https://www.facebook.com/thepipedudes/videos/2193839574045694/

And a part 2 of the contest: https://www.facebook.com/thepipedudes/videos/2718943888122406/

Until next year duders, also dude, it's the 10th already.

Check out photos and more at the Lebowskifest FB page.


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